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Working with us

What happens when you decide to work with us?

At this point, you may be wondering what happens when you want to try out AtomBeam. You want to know our process, and what’s involved in integrating AtomBeam into your application(s).


We make a point of onboarding new customers smoothly, and with as little risk as possible. What we’re describing here is a “typical” experience. In actuality, the process is completely customized to your needs and products.

We have a three phase proof of concept process

You’re probably familiar with some form of a Standard Proof Of Concept process. We found a way to automate it, and most of the process can be done remotely. Essentially, it goes like this: 

  • First, will this work for me? 
  • Second, let’s test it out with a prototype in a lab setting. 
  • Third, let’s test it in the field, and fine tune for organization-wide launch.

Phase 1

Customer Assesses our Compaction In ACP

We introduce you to the AtomBeam Customer Portal (ACP).

This portal gives you the ability to test data Compaction rates for your own data. Hey, we’re scientists too and understand your need to drive the testing process. That’s why we created the ACP.

This is a very interactive process aimed at having you experience AtomBeam Compaction.

We help you register your company in our portal, and let you know what file formats you need. We’ll support you as you upload your data.

You get the chance to test your own data securely on Amazon Web Services, and generate Codebooks.

You receive reports showing the reduction in data size you get from Compaction. We’re available to help you throughout the process.

Of course, we can also demo for you, and then turn you loose with the ACP.

Our approach is to give customers the greatest degree of flexibility. We understand the fun of proving things for yourself—without outside intervention.

Every customer has a different use case, and is looking for a different outcome.

Use cases are all different. We work with you in this phase to determine what’s most important for you. Regardless of the use case, we reduce the data and provide more bandwidth for you.

The most significant result of this phase is to determine whether or not AtomBeam is for you.

We also provide you a clear estimate of your cost savings if you choose to go forward. 

Phase 2

Internal Testing In Customer Environment

Phase 2 takes place on the customer’s premises with testing in a limited lab environment.

AtomBeam provides an easy-to-use SDK for your lab trial. We provide you the tools that make it easy for you.

We also share the libraries and Codebooks that can be embedded into your products.

Our engineers work with your engineers, and the Test Team gets involved.

We provide APIs for integrating AtomBeam into your application.

You can set up devices for testing, and send data and receive it on your servers.

Our objective is to help you assess end-to-end how AtomBeam works for you.

Most importantly you can see for yourself—in your own lab—whether or not the added value matches the preliminary ACP tests.

The next step is an internal customer discussion on lab results and anticipated ROI.

You review AtomBeam’s value-add, and assess how much value it adds over your costs.

Once you have determined that the ROI works for your company, we start with a purchase order.

There are various licensing agreements and pricing models.

As you read this, you may have initial resistance to middleware.

“Outside software” installed in your applications is a justifiable concern. Maybe you’re asking, “How does AtomBeam address that?”


  • We’re protocol, processor, and network agnostic. 
  • We’ve built streamlined SDKs to make it easy to integrate AtomBeam.
  • The API requires only minimal programming.
  • We’ve made AtomBeam seamless—but comprehensive—to integrate into your applications.

Phase 3

Limited field testing

At this point, you see AtomBeam’s value and need to take it out of a lab setting.

The next step is limited field testing where you do a live exercise with a limited number of scenarios. You are running the testing, but we are available to you as needed.

Then, You Move On To Full Deployment.

We will be there to continue to support you throughout your deployment.

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