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Use Case

Transportation systems

Data needs of transportation systems are skyrocketing. More and more apps transmit more and more data. Users want that app data in real time to make the most of the functions provided by the apps. Yet, by the nature of transportation, mobility and remote locations combine to drive up costs. With AtomBeam, you can send more data in real time at less cost.

AtomBeam makes it possible to do a better job of fleet management and logistics without increasing costs

Advantages for

Fleet management
and logistics

Get all the fleet management and fleet logistics data needed in real time—without increasing costs. Sometimes there is no cellular network available to transmit fleet data economically. The only option is to accumulate data, compress it, and transmit by satellite.


Yet, commercial fleet management is driven by pressure to keep costs low. Information from fleet management and fleet logistics apps is what keeps costs low. You want that data in real time without increasing bandwidth or costs.


AtomBeam enables real-time fleet management and logistics without increasing costs. Get all the needed fleet management and logistics data in real time at a cost comparable to cellular.


AtomBeam makes it possible to get app data in real time when the fleet is on the road. Add all the fleet logistics applications you want without increasing transmission costs—reducing costs in many cases.

All the data

Get all the data now without increasing network expenses

Make quick decisions

Be able to make quick logistics decisions because data is sent in real time rather than batched.

Optimize efficiency

Optimize fleet efficiency and profitability by tracking and routing in real time without high satellite costs.

Improve Safety

Improve fleet safety and length of service without increasing network expenses.

Transmit Data

Transmit maintenance data in real time giving you the ability to prevent breakdowns or downtime.

Add all the apps you want and get all the data you need—while reducing costs

Advantages for

Telematics control
unit (TCU)

Vehicle manufacturers want to add more applications to provide
additional value both internally and for customers. The challenge
arises when transmission costs rise dramatically because of the increased volume of data. Currently, the only way to reduce transmission costs requires vendors to design new TCUs, provide new chip sets to reduce data, or process data at the edge of the cloud.

Small Package

With AtomBeam in a TCU, you only need a small package of software—one that can easily integrate into any TCU.

Reduce data size by 70-90%

AtomBeam reduces the size of data transmitted by 70-90% making it possible to deploy more of the apps that provide valuable information.

Reduce transmission costs

As an alternative, you can often reduce your data transmission costs by as much as 50%—or even more—while transmitting the same data over any network.

No extra hardware needed

No additional chipsets or edge processing are required.

Get all the Data

Add all the apps you want. Get all the data you need—while reducing costs.

Distribute Safety Data

Safety is a selling point to consumers—but they balk at paying for it. AtomBeam makes it possible to give them that data—cost effectively.

Optimize Vehicle Safety

You can optimize the safety of connected vehicles—without increasing costs.

Reduce maintenance costs

Add maintenance apps without increasing transmission costs. Reduce maintenance costs of vehicles.

Monitor Vehicle Condition

Monitor technical condition of vehicles in real time. Predictive maintenance is performed only when needed—saving money.

Without real-time data transmission, safety, profitability, and efficiency are impacted

Advantages for


Safe, profitable, and efficient maritime operations depend on real-time data. However, concerns about high satellite transmission costs and profitability limit the amount of real-time data transmission. Without real-time data information, safety, profitability, and efficiency are impacted.

Manage Assets in Real time

AtomBeam allows customers to manage all their ships and cargo in real time at no additional cost.

Get all the Data

Add all the fleet management apps you need. Have the information you need in real time—while lowering costs.

Reduce Data Size

AtomBeam reduces the size of data transmitted by 70-90%, making it possible to send all the data in real time—for less money.

Optimize Routing

Optimize routing of ships for efficiency and safety in real time. Take action in real time to reroute ships and optimize scheduling.

Real Time Status Updates

Know status and temperature of cargo containers in real time.

Monitor Conditions

Monitor container conditions in real time and prevent cargo loss.

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