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How it works

Atombeam uses compaction to reduce size

AtomBeam can compact extremely small messages—previously impossible to reduce. 

  • AtomBeam works on machine-generated/IoT messages which are too small for compression.
  • AtomBeam operates at the bit level.

What is

Data compaction is a process that uses Machine Learning to reduce the size of messages by sending tiny codewords that represent patterns in data—rather than actually sending any data.

Atombeam Compaction

How Does AtomBeam Compaction Work?

Compaction works on small messages...

Compaction works on individual messages, including very small messages—IoT and machine data—messages as small as 8 bytes.

...but, not every kind of small message.

Compaction works best on low-entropy IoT or machine data.

Patterns in messages

Atombeam is pattern-based, not file-based

It uses machine learning on a representative dataset and identifies patterns at the bit level across thousands of messages.


Codebooks—An ancient idea, used in a new way

When a pattern is identified it is assigned a Codeword and that Codeword is placed into a Codebook.


Source and Destination

Codebook is placed in both source and destination

When complete, the Codebook is placed in the source (such as the sensor), and the destination (such as the cloud.)

Compaction reduces the size of small messages by 70-90%+

Compacted Data is Streamed

Atombeam streams compacted data

Source and destination now communicate solely in Codewords.

Data is never sent

Actual Data is never sent—only codewords

Only Codewords are transmitted.


Atombeam is Lossless

Original data never leaves the source

AtomBeam Is Lossless: We Do Not Lose Even One Bit (Literally)

Atombeam is lossless
We do not lose even one bit (literally)

Our tech speaks for itself


The data moves as fast as it is generated:

  • As soon as the data comes in, it’s translated into Codewords and streamed in real time.
  • It’s fast—sending the Codewords in microseconds.
  • Data goes out as fast as it’s coming in.
Data Compaction


There’s more...

Atombeam adds security to machine generated and iot messages

There are IoT security technologies, but all add latency, increase file size, and require additional cost for the software/hardware. 

  • What differentiates AtomBeam from other IoT security is its ultra-light, low cost, built-in character.
  • Hackers can’t decipher Codewords without a Codebook.

Try our demo

Where to next?

It’s important to understand the differences between Compaction and Compression. Click this link to see a comparison between Compaction VS Compression.

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