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Dramatically Reduce IoT And Machine Data in Real Time Over
Any Network

We have used Machine Learning to eliminate the edge and here’s how easy it is. There’s no hardware to buy, no changes that need to be made to your network and only a simple installation of a small library of software.

Reduce Data Size

Reduce iot and machine data size by 70%+

You need drastic size reduction of many packets of small data. With AtomBeam, every 10 bytes coming off a sensor is reduced to 3 bytes.

Decrease Latency

Real-time data
transfers, practically zero latency

You need to send your data now, instantaneously, with no additional latency. With AtomBeam’s Compaction technology, all of your data is automatically encoded and sent in real time.

Improve throughput


You need to save satellite costs by sending more data in the same packet. AtomBeam’s Compaction (not compression) increases data by over 70% in the same-sized packet.

Improve Security

Add a new layer of security

You are concerned about your data being hacked. IoT files are so small they cannot be encrypted without making them bigger. Hackers cannot hack AtomBeam without access to the Codebook.

Remove chokepoints

Remove chokepoints for data transmission

To save costs or bandwidth, your company does not send data in real time. With AtomBeam, there are no data choke points. Data flows in real time rather than piling up in batches.

Improve Battery life

Improve battery life by up to 50%

You are concerned about extending battery life. With AtomBeam, transmitting 75% less data results in a reduction of battery usage. That increases battery life approximately 25 to 50%.

What atombeam solves

An impending data crisis threatens to

IoT data is the fastest growing category of data by a tremendous margin.

By 2025, 75% of all enterprise-generated data, or 90 zettabytes, will be from IoT. To give a sense of scale, all of the storage capacity of every data center in the world today adds up to less than two zettabytes.

Experts agree, there is simply no way all this data can be handled by the networks projected to exist by 2025.

Moreover, 98% of IoT data is unsecure—but all of it should be secured. Battery life for sensors is a major concern, with little relief on the horizon. Wireless data transmission range is a problem for many IoT users.

In short, there is a need for a product that can radically alter the equation for IoT data transmission.

This “magical solution” must make data smaller, faster, and more secure. Ideally, it must also increase the battery life of IoT devices while improving data transmission range. A tall order!

Atombeam’s compaction software is the invention of the lightbulb for iot

It’s a big claim, but we think that AtomBeam will impact IoT in the same way the electric light changed everyday living. Many key impediments to IoT adoption can be overcome with the simple addition of our Compaction software.

Quadruple Bandwidth

AtomBeam’s machine learning-enabled technology quadruples the effective available bandwidth of virtually any IoT device.

Multiple Benefits

With our software alone, you can improve security, extend battery life, and increase transmission range.

Keep existing Hardware

For IoT users needing to move their data much faster with no change in network hardware, AtomBeam is a quick fix to their existing software stack.

Reduce costs

For users who pay for metered bandwidth, AtomBeam’s 75% average Compaction offers the opportunity for significant discounts in connectivity and cloud storage costs.

Keep learning

Where to next?

To learn more about how the technology works, go to How It Works page.

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