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Use Case

Department of Defense (DOD)

DOD has high needs to transmit data in real time to provide the level of safety and security needed. Remote locations, battlefield situations, combat communications all demand fail-safe transmission. Troop safety depends on transmitting and receiving in real time without data being intercepted.

AtomBeam Effectively Quadruples Bandwidth Of Narrow Band RF Communications

Advantages for

Narrow band Rf communications

It’s critical to have all the data needed to make tactical decisions, monitor friendly units, and analyze terror threats in real time. However, it is often impossible to rapidly receive all the data over narrow band communication links. Also, satellite data has limits on packet sizes—introducing latency. Satellite transmissions are prone to errors, and data often needs to be retransmitted. This introduces additional latency.



With AtomBeam, a 128Kbps link effectively becomes 512Kbps. It effectively quadruples the bandwidth of your narrow band RF communications. Bandwidth limitations are critical factors in military actions or campaigns. 



AtomBeam can shrink the size of extremely small messages (single digit bytes) by as much as 50%. Likewise, it can reduce multiple small messages to just a few bytes. Consequently—for small messages like tracking data—AtomBeam can often double effective bandwidth.

Secure communications

AtomBeam—by using Codewords and Codebooks—adds an additional layer of security. Codewords represent data patterns, not letters, numbers or words. Messages are obfuscated including obscuring all header data.

Data Security

Standard hacking techniques cannot reveal the data. Only small Codewords are sent, and hackers do not have access to Codewords or Codebooks.

Encryption Compatible

AtomBeam is compatible with encryption methods. Because AtomBeam transmits reduced size of the data, it introduces far less encryption overhead.

With AtomBeam, a 128kbps link effectively becomes 512kbps

Advantages for

Tactical and
mission critical communications

Military operations depend on tactical management communications. You need to enable smart management of resources, and logistics support. Latency in communications is unacceptable when it comes time to manage drone swarms without bandwidth limitations. Real-time transmission makes all the difference when you deploy battlefield sensors to find road-side bombs and the insurgents who plant them.



AtomBeam gives you the ability to reduce the size of data by 70-90%. By reducing data by 70-90% over any network, AtomBeam effectively makes a 128Kbps link work like a 512Kbps link. This means that your transmissions are not constrained by bandwidth. It’s the equivalent of increasing your bandwidth by 4X, without increasing the cost.

Get all the data

Install all the apps you need and get all the tactical and mission critical communications data you need in real time.

Battlefield Communications

AtomBeam provides battlefield communications in real time.

Tactical Security

It provides security of tactical management communications.

Real-time Data

Tactical reconnaissance provides critical decision-making information. AtomBeam gives you decision-making information in real time.

Resource management

Enable smart management of resources, and logistics support happens in real time without latency.

Reduce Limitations

Equipment and supply tracking is no longer limited by narrow band RF communications.

Improve Mission Safety

The safety of forces is increased by having more information in real time—so that decisions can be made as fast as they need to be made.

Analyze Threats

You can analyze terror threats in real time.

Field Sensors

You can deploy battlefield sensors to find road-side bombs and insurgents who plant them—in real time without latency.

Without access to the codebooks, hackers must penetrate an extra layer of security

Advantages for

Security for

AtomBeam—by its very nature—adds security. Without access to the Codebooks, hackers must penetrate an additional layer of security.

Obfuscate Communications

AtomBeam adds an additional layer of security by obfuscating messages including obscuring all header data. Codewords represent data patterns, not letters, numbers or words.

Data Security

Since only small Codewords are sent, standard hacking mechanisms cannot easily see the data.

Encryption Compatible

AtomBeam can be used with encryption with far less encryption overhead due to reduced size of the data being transmitted.

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