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Revolutionizing Data Management

In a recent webinar featuring Charles Yeomans, CEO of AtomBeam, and guest speaker Jat Braich, the former Chief Digital and Commercial Officer at Inmarsat, the future of data management and the key role AtomBeam can play was discussed at length. Jat Braich, who brings a wealth of senior management and financial experience, is now an advisor to the AtomBeam team and is working with us in a deepening partnership.

The discussion revealed an exciting landscape, with the Space Force’s Space Development Agency (SDA) heavily engaged in addressing the pressing need for Compaction in satellite communication. The SDA is pushing AtomBeam to move as quickly as possible to a Phase III contract in order to get the technology operational in its systems. The USAF AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory) is working closely with AtomBeam to develop NEURCOM, AtomBeam’s image reduction AI currently in development. On the commercial side, Viasat+Inmarsat and Amazon Web Services are working closely with AtomBeam on a combined product for which the partners believe there will be very strong demand.

The webinar also addressed the potential growth trajectory for AtomBeam overall, with its transformation from  single technology to a company uniquely positioned to address data efficiency on a global scale. AtomBeam is primed for an exciting journey, balancing the challenges of technology development with the eagerness of executives in major companies to embrace its game-changing products.

Watch the webinar and stay tuned for more developments as AtomBeam continues to revolutionize the landscape of data management, making data more efficient and secure for a wide array of applications. 

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