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Unleashing the Power of Patents
AtomBeam, a leading innovator in data compaction technology, recently hosted an insightful webinar featuring CEO Charles Yeomans and experienced patent attorney Brian Guys. The webinar delved into the fascinating world of patent protection and its significance in the realm of innovation. 

During the webinar, Charles Yeomans, the visionary CEO of AtomBeam, emphasized the importance of patents in safeguarding groundbreaking technologies. He shared his passion for innovation and explained how AtomBeam’s unique data compaction solution is revolutionizing the way data is stored and transmitted.

Brian Guys, a seasoned patent attorney with nearly 13 years of experience, provided valuable insights into the patent landscape and the crucial role it plays in protecting intellectual property. He shared his expertise on the patenting process, strategies for maximizing patent value, and the various benefits that patents offer to innovators and businesses.

Explores the Significance of Patent Protection in Innovation
One of the questions posed during the webinar was, “How much work is required for you to monitor potential patent violations by other companies?” In response, Charles highlighted the importance of proactively monitoring potential patent infringements. AtomBeam employs a diligent approach to ensure its patents are respected and enforced. Through internal monitoring processes and collaboration with legal experts like Brian Guys, they actively monitor the market for potential violations.

Another question raised was, “Aside from patents, what protections does AtomBeam have to prevent theft?” In addressing this concern, Charles explained that while patents offer strong protection, AtomBeam also implements a comprehensive approach to safeguard its technology. This includes employing strict internal security measures, maintaining trade secrets, and implementing contractual agreements with partners and employees to protect proprietary information. By combining these measures, AtomBeam takes a multi-faceted approach to prevent unauthorized access or theft of their valuable intellectual property.

Don’t miss your chance to watch the full webinar recording and immerse yourself in the expertise of Charles Yeomans and Brian Guys. Gain invaluable insights into the world of patent protection, innovation, and the strategic steps taken by AtomBeam to safeguard their groundbreaking technology. Expand your investor toolkit and stay at the forefront of the game by joining us on this exciting journey of knowledge and discovery.

Click here to access the webinar recording and dive deeper into the world of patents with AtomBeam.

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