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Recently, I was invited to appear on an episode of the podcast Test, Optimize, Scale, hosted by the CEO of Digital Niche Agency, Jason Fishman. I discussed in detail the patented technology AtomBeam designed and built – radically reducing the size of machine data while strengthening security elements surrounding it. You can watch the full podcast here or continue reading to gather a glimpse into some key highlights of our conversation.

As you may already know, I started AtomBeam with a team determined to increase IoT bandwidth by 4x by reducing machine data size and to add security in a superfast, universal way. Current trends regarding the metaverse means bandwidth and security are vital to the future of technology. 

Currently, the machines around us generate about 20 zettabytes of data. From houses to factories, retail work sites, shipping, travel, to any number of connected machines, IoT data are growing exponentially. By 2025, industries worldwide are projected to generate 90 zettabytes. To give you an idea of how much data that is, imagine each bite as a grain of rice – a single zettabyte will fill the entire Pacific Ocean. That’s a lot of data! But the capacity of networks are straining to handle all that is generated now, and network capacity is not growing nearly as fast as the data it needs to handle.

Other than AtomBeam, protected by 14 patents, there is no way with software to expand IoT network capacity without slowing everything down – a lot. AtomBeam’s Compaction reduces the size of IoT messages by an average of 75% in real time.  That means we can effectively quadruple the bandwidth of IoT networks, and as a bonus, Compaction adds strong security with no extra computing needed. A software upgrade is far, far cheaper and faster to implement than launching a new constellation of satellites, to quote a large satellite operator partner of AtomBeam.

We’ve recently been selected for contracts with the Department of Defense for use of our patented technology for military needs. We have the attention of high level generals and civilian officials in the Air Force and Space Force, as well as in the intelligence community. 

Check out the full episode of Test, Optimize, Scale to get more information on how AtomBeam is changing the way data is stored and delivered. Visit our raise page on StartEngine to learn more about investment opportunities.

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