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In a recent webinar, AtomBeam, the pioneering data compaction software company, shared exciting updates about our remarkable crowdfunding progress in raising over $2 million and our campaign coming to a close on StartEngine. The webinar showcased the growing investor community, including over 1,000 investors who have recognized the immense potential of AtomBeam’s groundbreaking technology. 

Let’s dive into the key highlights and discover why NOW is the perfect time to join AtomBeam’s thriving investor community!

Groundbreaking Patents and Strategic Partnerships

AtomBeam’s success is fueled by our impressive portfolio of 28 patents, positioning us as an industry leader in data compression. Notable partnerships with renowned companies like Intel and Inmarsat and close relationships with Lockheed and HPE demonstrate the trust and recognition AtomBeam has garnered within the tech industry. Our $1.2 million contract with the U.S. Space Force demonstrates that AtomBeam’s Compaction software is recognized to be both viable and effective for use in critical military communications.

Unleashing the Power of Data for AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) relies on accessing vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently. AtomBeam’s Compaction has multiple potential impacts on AI. 

In other words, Compaction can be a way that AI can rise far more quickly. In theory, any chip can be made 4x faster with Compaction, and AI is the ultimate consumer of this speed.

Time is Running Out! 

Time is of the essence! Our campaign is nearing its electrifying end, and this is your final call to become part of our thriving investor community. By investing in AtomBeam now, you’re not only supporting a groundbreaking technology but also opening doors to potentially life-changing returns on your investment. 

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers!

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