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Unleashing a Wave of Innovation

Inmarsat’s ELEVATE partnership program was created to be a different kind of platform that is not just another corporate partnering program, but one that has real commitment from the highest levels of Inmarsat. The program is not only for startups, but with big companies too – even Inmarsat competitors like Iridium. It is a true partnership that seeks to exploit the advantages each of the partners brings to the table. Inmarsat’s recent acquisition by Viasat has the potential to dramatically expand the value of the partnership to both companies.

AtomBeam, with its game-changing Compaction software, has taken a key step in its development by joining Inmarsat’s esteemed Elevate partnership programme. Inmarsat, now a part of Viasat, recognized the potential of Compaction to broaden their potential market dramatically by reducing the cost of satellite data, considered far costlier than cellular. For AtomBeam, the partnership effectively puts the entire sales force of Inmarsat to work selling Compaction with the power of a major player behind it.

What does the partnership mean? For Inmarsat/Viasat, they are now able to appeal to prospects who viewed the cost of satellite data as too expensive – they may be able to pay 75% less than they would without using AtomBeam Compaction. For AtomBeam, the partnership opens up a tremendous opportunity for a major company to act as its sales force. Both partners see huge potential, and are working hard to make the relationship a success.

For a more comprehensive understanding of this dynamic and the unprecedented opportunities it unveils, we invite investors to explore the full article here. Witness firsthand how AtomBeam and Inmarsat fuse their visionary prowess to reshape the technological landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the future.

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