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Take a quick glance around your home or office. Questions for your doorbell camera about someone who stopped by? Can Alexa add items to your shopping list? Hey Siri, what’s the weather like? These answers and commands are one request away, thanks to your smart devices…. and all of these everyday devices use the IoT (aka The Internet of Things) to talk to each other. The future is fast approaching, and IoT is at the core of how everything around you will function. IoT is the future.

Silently communicating and watching over you, your home and your work, smart IoT devices are making our lives easier, safer and more informed. It’s no wonder that the IoT industry is projected to have an economic impact of $11 trillion by 2025! 

So what does that mean for AtomBeam?

IoT Is Connecting The World 

In a rapidly expanding globalized economy, technology has to keep up with the needs of billions of people, and that implies a ravenous demand for bandwidth! AtomBeam’s Compaction is a software only solution that can triple or quadruple existing network capacity, speeding up data immeasurably. Compared to upgrading hardware, AtomBeam’s Compaction software can provide the same benefits far, far more cost effectively. Imagine substituting a software upgrade in airplanes, or oil rigs, or cruise ships for launching $300 million in new satellites!  That is exactly how AtomBeam’s partners see the value of Compaction.

In the not too distant future, almost every machine you deal with every day will be connected to the world. This brings amazing benefits – your car will know where you are and everything you need it to do, it will talk to other cars, the road and with the car company; it will keep you safer and will operate more economically. But having so much control handed over to a machine may make you nervous, and it should, since 98% of all IoT data has zero security. ZERO. Why? Encryption uses computing power, increases hardware cost, adds administrative burdens and can slow connections. Compaction adds strong security at the same time it is reducing the size of data – it is ultra fast, takes only a tiny amount of computing power and requires no additional hardware. The idea of a hacker taking over your car is scary. Compaction would not only make the car’s internal and external communications far more efficient, it would make it far more secure, and stop almost any hacker in his tracks.

Infinite Market Potential 

AtomBeam’s Compaction software is like a powerful turbocharger; it is an amazing device but you need a car to use it. AtomBeam’s big corporate and defense partners are Lockheed Martin, Inmarsat and Saab, and its technology platform partners are Cribl and Crosser. They make the cars, and AtomBeam makes their products and services faster, more economical and more secure. By a lot. In the words of one partner, Compaction can give them the critical edge to win multi-billion dollar contracts. Delivering bandwidth is the point of communications satellites, and delivering 4x more for a marginally higher cost is going to win every time. For partners with Compaction integrated in their platforms, customers can see far reduced connectivity bills. For every partner, security is far stronger with Compaction. For the tens of billions of machine connections, Compaction can be the standard for communication. It’s only a matter of time until IoT technology is used in every part of our daily lives.

We’ve already raised $5 million in investments! AtomBeam has 17 issued and allowed patents and the potential to become one of the most important companies in technology. We have momentum, winning contracts with the Department of Defense and with private companies. 2023 is looking like a big year.

Invest In AtomBeam

We are currently raising capital via StartEngine’s equity crowdfunding platform, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you as an early backer.

To join our rapidly growing community, head over to our raise page and invest in the next generation of data transmission for as little as $500 today.

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