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You’re probably wondering what we’ve been up to since raising just under $5 million, receiving 13 patents, and reducing 75% of data transmission bandwidth costs on average, right?

I’ve got you covered! 

In case you weren’t able to attend our webinar, I’m going to highlight some of the important topics we discussed directly in this article. You can also watch the full recap video here. 

What’s New With V2.0? It’s Mostly Under the Hood

We launched a new version of our product with a long list of features – but the big thing we wanted to do was to make our software fast and simple, so that anyone who’s interested can easily adopt it.

We simplified documentation, the software integration process, and its deployment methodology. We also did tons of quality assurance, so you’d be able to say: “hey, this is a rock solid piece of software, and it’s really simple to implement it!” 

Did Someone Say Patents?

Let’s talk about our patents. We have 11 issued and two more that are allowed. With allowed patents, you basically just have to pay a fee and they give them to you.

There are 14 pending and another 11 in development, with major ideas in there. The strategy is simple: if you focus on protecting your intellectual property, the thicket of patents will be incredibly difficult to get through. Your only (legal) alternative is to license it from us.

Hey, Partners!

There’s more exciting stuff going on over here at AtomBeam. We are close to being able to announce a partnership with a major satellite operator. They know that if they can reduce the costs of their services by 75%, they’re going to get a lot more customers.

We also have a partnership in the works with a familiar blockchain company that a lot of people are aware of. Once we move forward with any partnership, we will be sure to announce it. I think you will see how powerful these can be.

How Can I Invest in AtomBeam?

We’re glad you asked!

We are currently raising capital via StartEngine’s equity crowdfunding platform, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you as an early backer.

To join our rapidly growing community, head over to our raise page and invest in the next generation of data transmission for as little as $500 today.

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