Use Cases

AtomBeam is designed to optimize resource-constrained applications

AtomBeam delivers the best performance where computing, power, network, and storage resources are severely constrained


AtomBeam delivers the best performance where computing, power, network, and storage resources are severely constrained


AtomBeam in Action


IoT applications (including smart cities, smart buildings, smart industry, connected cars, utility monitoring, logistics, smart agriculture and smart homes) and remote sensor monitoring are some of the most noteworthy use cases for AtomBeam precisely because they are resource-constrained.

Cloud & Data Center Storage

AtomBeam is the ideal solution to address cloud and data center storage and archive reduction – for a broad spectrum of industries. Remote and edge IoT devices can collectively generate terabytes or petabytes of information every day, much of which must be transferred, analyzed and archived. AtomBeam reduces data, transmits it quickly, and can randomly access data, versus compression which must decompress large blocks of files before searching.

Remote Sensors

Remote sensors are ubiquitous, will BILLIONS more deployed each year in factories, weather stations, utility grids, ocean probes, homes, and outposts around the globe.  What’s more, AtomBeam operates over wireless and satellite networks — as well as LPWANs (low power wide area networks) such as Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M and cellular 2G, 3G. When these networks experience errors, unlike traditional compression algorithms, AtomBeam keeps on truckin’.

Connected International Cars

Vehicles can deploy AtomBeam to communicate with other cars on the road, with Google Maps, with your smart city, and with the car’s manufacturer — as well as for the car’s internal monitoring and control systems. Communications is accelerated by AtomBeam’s huge data reduction, as well as its resilience to network errors, so slow and interrupted wireless connections aren’t a problem.

Wearables / Health Monitors

Mobile and wearable health is at the heart of IoT. Devices for self-health monitoring and preventive care are ever-increasing, especially given the dramatic expansion of our elderly population. When people’s health is at stake, there’s no time to wait. AtomBeam minimizes the transfer time (latency) of short, bursty, structured health monitoring information while maintaining 100% data accuracy.

Edge Computing

Computer Reseller News (CRN) states, “In edge computing, sensors and other connected devices collect and analyze IoT data locally, alleviating the dependence on cloud or internet connectivity in specific situations where information needs to be processed quickly, reliably and securely.” AtomBeam is perfect on the edge, to process data quickly (low latency), reliably (100% lossless data transfer) and securely (only Codewords are transmitted and stored).

Satellite & Telemetry
Many applications don’t have access to high-speed broadband or 5G cellular connections. These use cases include offshore oil platforms, ships, aircraft, and rural-area communications. These applications must use expensive, error-prone satellite networks. By sending less data, AtomBeam typically triples communications speed, lowers costs, and is highly tolerant of network errors.
Factory Automation

Today’s factories are automated to optimize and prioritize the manufacturing outputs and logistics. AtomBeam’s low latency is critical for the many types of IoT devices used to monitor and control factory processes in which autonomous or remotely controlled robots must make lightning-fast adjustments in real-time to ensure quality and smooth operation.