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Disrupting A Billion Dollar Tech Market

As CEO of AtomBeam, I’m pleased to tell you more about our unique investment opportunity. AtomBeam has developed a novel system that has the power to transform the fastest-growing source of data in the world, the data generated by machines, often called IoT, or internet of things data. The data files, or messages, are generated by machines by the millions and billions and are themselves tiny, too small for traditional data compression to be effective for real-time data acceleration. A typical machine file might just say, I am sensor ABC, the time is DEF, and the temperature is GHI. Compression needs to find repeated patterns within the file itself, and these files just are too small.

AtomBeam Compaction is a rethinking with the latest machine learning and mathematical techniques of how to reduce these machine files by an average of 75% in real time. By using machine learning on sample data to find patterns, we can look at thousands of machine data files at once, and so we can find and exploit hundreds, or thousands, of repeated data patterns, bypassing the limitations of compression. We represent these patterns with little indexes we call Codewords that allow us to, for example, send a machine a 3-bit Codeword that the machine knows to replace with a 128-bit pattern. Imagine how efficient that is! Not only that, if you receive the Codeword, but you do not know it represents a particular pattern, you have no idea what it means. So, in a single, fast computation, you get a huge jump in efficiency AND security.

On average, Compaction encodes data to be 75% smaller than the original data, and it is ultra-fast in doing it. This all means that with Compaction, a user of machine data can send 4x more data in the same link, and can be assured that it is protected by strong security. For users paying high data connectivity rates, Compaction can reduce the bill by 75%. This is a game changer. There is no other software that can do this, and software upgrades are far, far cheaper than launching new satellites or upgrading communications equipment. This is transformative technology that works on virtually any machine that we shareholders of AtomBeam own. 
That’s great, you say, but how is it getting used? Live data from a customer is moving over Inmarsat satellites, Saab completed its PoC and is moving to field testing in fighter aircraft, Lockheed Martin plans to with AtomBeam on Air Force contracts, and many large companies are evaluating the technology, with a goal of integrating it into their systems.
Paving the way with our patents 
AtomBeam’s Compaction has the potential to be the universal machine-machine language. The technology has been tested and proven with big companies, and 2023 offers promise to become the breakout year for the company. Given its strategic value, AtomBeam has recognized the need to protect its innovations. To date, AtomBeam has 18 issued/allowed and 12 pending patents. This focus on ensuring the interests of its shareholders are protected is vital, and AtomBeam will continue to ensure it continues to underpin the value of its technology with its patent campaign.

To join our growing community of early backers, head over to our StartEngine raise page and invest for as little as $500 today.

On behalf of the AtomBeam team, we look forward to a strong campaign and partnership with you!
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