$11 TRILLION IoT Market Forecast… What’s In It For AtomBeam?

Take a quick glance around your home or office. Questions for your doorbell camera about someone who stopped by? Can Alexa add items to your shopping list? Hey Siri, what’s the weather like? These answers and commands are one request away, thanks to your smart devices…. and all of these everyday devices use the IoT […]

AtomBeam: Blockchain Webinar Recap

Hello! We recently held an exclusive online event, with special guests CrowdPoint Technologies CEO Sean OBrien-Brehm and President Nadab Akhtar. In case you missed it, we have a quick summary of our discussion below!  We’re Ecstatic to Announce Our Partnership with Crowdpoint! CrowdPoint is emerging as a major player in blockchain. Their Vogon blockchain is […]

AtomBeam Featured on DNA Podcast!

Recently, I was invited to appear on an episode of the podcast Test, Optimize, Scale, hosted by the CEO of Digital Niche Agency, Jason Fishman. I discussed in detail the patented technology AtomBeam designed and built – radically reducing the size of machine data while strengthening security elements surrounding it. You can watch the full […]

AtomBeam: Join Our 350+ Investors

AtomBeam’s Compaction is the language of machines. Machine communication is the basis of the metaverse.  We have the ability to save billions in hardware costs; satellites and other networks can suddenly increase their capacity by 4x with a software upgrade. No other technology in the market can compare. Plus, our innovation is protected by 14 […]

Meet the Visionaries Reducing IoT Data Transmission By 75%

AtomBeam has developed a groundbreaking technology that enables machines to communicate over any network 4x faster, 4x cheaper, and with better security than any other solution on the market.  Our patented software is being used to bring Web3 and the 4th industrial revolution to life, and we want to take a moment to introduce you […]

Atom Beam in the News: Linkoping Science Park Article

Atom Beam in the News: Linkoping Science Park Article AtomBeam is a software company whose product, Compaction, is the only way to significantly increase the bandwidth of any IoT, internet of things, or machine generated data connection with software alone. Their technology not only compacts IoT data by 75%,but also does so in real-time and adds […]

AtomBeam and the Future of National Defense Data Communications – Webinar Recap!

I recently held a webinar with Former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy (#3 Pentagon official) General Anthony Tata (retired) to discuss AtomBeam’s military potential!  If you were unable to attend last week’s event for any reason, we’ve provided a recording of the discussion for you to watch at your earliest convenience. We’ve also highlighted some […]