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The Evolution of Data Handling

A New Chapter in Data Management Data has always played a fundamental role in the progress of societies and industries for centuries. From the ancient tally marks used to record food inventories to the groundbreaking cognitive technologies of today, data has evolved in complexity, importance, and volume. Data creation is going vertical, currently doubling every […]

AtomBeam: Data Efficiency Meets AI Brilliance

The Symbiosis of Data Compaction and AI Charles Yeomans here, and I can’t wait to share the highlights from our recent webinar, “AtomBeam and the US Navy: A Conversation with Rear Admiral Christian ‘Boris’ Becker, USN (ret.).” It was a groundbreaking session that delved deep into our collaboration with one of the most prestigious organizations […]

AtomBeam: Data Efficiency Meets AI Brilliance

The Symbiosis of Data Compaction and AI As we move toward a future where AI plays an integral role in our lives, efficient data management is becoming increasingly crucial. AtomBeam is at the forefront of this revolution. Let’s dive into how data compaction technology is shaping the future of AI in the IT industry and […]

Webinar Recap with Charles Yeomans and Jat Braich

Revolutionizing Data Management In a recent webinar featuring Charles Yeomans, CEO of AtomBeam, and guest speaker Jat Braich, the former Chief Digital and Commercial Officer at Inmarsat, the future of data management and the key role AtomBeam can play was discussed at length. Jat Braich, who brings a wealth of senior management and financial experience, […]

AtomBeam Announces Crowdfunding Campaign on StartEngine

Exciting news from AtomBeam!  We’ve just kicked off our latest crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine! From our previous raise, we caught the attention of major players like the Department of Defense, leading to some game-changing collaborations. We applied that capital to secure two Phase 2 contracts totaling $2.4 million, and build out our software products to […]

AtomBeam is Embracing the Global Landscape

Key to Seamless Data Transmission In the fast-evolving landscape of data transmission and IoT, AtomBeam has carved out an exclusive niche that resonates strongly with its customers. From market positioning to game-changing partnerships, AtomBeam’s approach is not just innovative but also strategically beneficial.  AtomBeam is focused on making data transmission more efficient while lowering costs. […]

Webinar Recap: AtomBeam and UMKC’s Visionary Collaboration

Scaling New Heights in the Future of Data  In a recent webinar, AtomBeam’s CEO, Charles Yeomans and leading data compression scientist Professor Zhu Li, PhD showcased a revolutionary collaboration that applies new, cutting edge techniques to sensor image reduction, called Neurocompaction. Professor Li, an eminent expert in sensor image compaction from the University of Missouri-Kansas […]

AtomBeam’s Webinar Recap

In a recent webinar, AtomBeam, the pioneering data compaction software company, shared exciting updates about our remarkable crowdfunding progress in raising over $2 million and our campaign coming to a close on StartEngine. The webinar showcased the growing investor community, including over 1,000 investors who have recognized the immense potential of AtomBeam’s groundbreaking technology.  Let’s […]

AtomBeam and Inmarsat Join Forces to Redefine Tech Innovation

Unleashing a Wave of Innovation Inmarsat’s ELEVATE partnership program was created to be a different kind of platform that is not just another corporate partnering program, but one that has real commitment from the highest levels of Inmarsat. The program is not only for startups, but with big companies too – even Inmarsat competitors like […]

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