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We are pleased to report that our webinar was a hit! Tune in and learn about Compaction and AtomBeam’s plans to put it on a chip, the way it can really scale. 

We had a lot of great feedback and questions about how we plan to make Compaction the juggernaut we think it can be, and so here we are sharing our recap video of the webinar with you. Who wouldn’t want to quadruple their effective bandwidth and add strong security if all you needed to do was add a 10 cent chip to your logic board? Think about it – lots of very smart, experienced people have and believe we have it right.

Here’s what you can expect in the webinar:

How Compaction works
What we are doing now to make it simple for customers to use it
The plan to put it on a chip
Why we think Compaction-on-a-chip is the ticket to billions of copies
And how billions of copies could make for a major success  

We can’t thank our community enough for all of the support we’ve received; the AtomBeam team is thrilled to see that our efforts are being appreciated. 

For those who couldn’t attend, we encourage you to watch our Q&A webinar recap video to stay up to date and learn about how we plan to make Compaction disappear, running silently and seamlessly in the background by performing its magic on a chip. Successful venture backed CEO Greg Caltabiano, an advisor to AtomBeam and expert on building applications into chips, joined AtomBeam CEO Charles Yeomans to talk about the process, challenges and potential rewards of Compaction-on-a-chip.

Our focus now is making Compaction an automated, simple to install and maintain technology that the end user never has to know is working for them – all they know is that their connection is incredibly fast and secure. First in a small computer, and then on a chip, Compaction can become the way every machine communicates, maximizing efficiency, speed and ensuring security.
If there is still anything left unanswered about this topic, or anything else about the company you would like to know, please feel free to ask more questions and contact us through our raise page. 

If you have already invested, please consider reinvesting and helping us achieve our milestones at a more rapid pace. We need your help revolutionizing data compaction software, as we take the IoT technology industry head-on!

Once again, the AtomBeam team can’t express enough gratitude for your constant support and belief in our mission.
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