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Many of the most significant technological advances of today can be attributed to the rise of the Internet of Things, or IoT. AtomBeam’s Compaction is the only way, with software (versus a costly upgrade of hardware) that this machine generated data can be shrunk significantly in real time, enabling a massive increase in effective data rate, while adding much-needed security as a key bonus. Compaction is the first truly new, bit level innovation in data in years. This technology, protected by 18 patents, has the potential to change the way every machine interacts with every other machine, enabling humans to do radically more with the hardware they have right now. This is a no-kidding game changer.

We recently held an exclusive investor Q&A webinar where we talked about our goals for 2023 and our big-name partnerships, but the key focus of the call was about the vision – what does it take to scale Compaction, our incredible software product, and what form does it take? How do innovations like Compaction manifest as a product that is everywhere, in every connected device, where it can do its magic? That is a question that many attendees wanted to know. How does an incredible idea, protected by a forest of patents, turn into a major product? We don’t know all the answers, but we have a very good idea of what AtomBeam and its Compaction software can become. Getting there will not be easy, but making real an exciting idea that can change the world is the purpose that drives us, and one in which our investors share. 

Roadmap for 2023 and Beyond

Over the past year the company has made big strides. Saab became a customer, Inmarsat and Lockheed are partners, we released a major upgrade of Compaction, we established a close working relationship with Crowdpoint, a cutting edge blockchain, won a USAF contract and quite a few more accomplishments are under the belt. We now have 18 patents and are shooting for hitting at least 25 by the end of 2023. It is hard to overstate how important those patents are; imagine it is the 1970s and you owned all of the patents for compression, and some really innovative patents for encryption, too. Compaction is everything rolled into one. It is lighter and faster and works on more data than either. In its fully manifested form, it can live on virtually any machine, making it faster, more useful and more secure. The most savvy engineers know that Compaction is one of the most significant new ideas there is. 

Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous patience. 

Admiral Rickover fought to design and adopt nuclear powered submarines and naval ships for most of his career, before any existed. Most of the other admirals did not like him, and Congress had to pass legislation for him to be promoted. He knew first hand what it takes to get a big, game changing idea tested and adopted. Fortunately for AtomBeam our task is far less daunting. That does not mean it is easy, but we can succeed with an allocation of significantly less money and effort than it took to build a fleet of nuclear vessels. Like Admiral Rickover and his team, however, it takes drive and focus – not just on broad concepts, but on solving specific, important problems for customers. 

Compaction is a kind of panacea. It is an amazingly versatile invention that can solve problems and make possible things that have always been considered impossible. It has enormous prospective value. These are things we all know, in part because so many big companies have tested and endorsed Compaction, running it through its paces and finding that it stands up to scrutiny and does what we claim. For some engineering oriented companies that deal with low volumes of products, like Saab and its fighter aircraft, we are good to go. But what about a company like Caterpillar, with a million giant connected machines spread all over the world? 

The answer is to package Compaction up in a way that allows big companies and the DoD to try it and buy it. People like things: when you pay for a piece of equipment, you get a thing, something you can hold in your hand. For Compaction, the “thing” can be a little computer in a box, or a gateway that gathers up information from a device and sends it to the cloud. It can also be a tiny chip that sits on a logic board. The cool thing is just how ultralight and fast Compaction is – we can load it on anything and it will go like blazes. And that means we can be flexible – you can buy Compaction and add it to your system in multiple ways. A customer can:

  1. Add it to their systems with a software upgrade, or
  2. Buy a box, either a little single board computer (SBC) in a box or a gateway, or
  3. Down the road a bit, buy a chip and put it on your logic board

THAT is how we can make it easy for customers to try Compaction out and buy it. Customers can buy a physical object, plug it in, and they are off to the races. Or test it in their lab, and integrate it into their devices, or, not too long from now, add a chip to a logic board. Or all of the above – which, for a big company, could be the most common thing they do.

Offering boxes, whether they be SBCs or gateways, is how we can ramp. We are confident that some VERY big companies will try Compaction if they can buy, say, 100 of our boxes and put them in the field to test them, and in an operational setting might buy thousands of boxes, or buy licenses from AtomBeam to upgrade their systems, or, when available, buy devices with Compaction chips. Or all of the above. This gets us over the go-to-market hump, we believe.

Once we hit stride in revenue, we will seek out some significant capital and really push the growth – unless, as we think is possible, we can grow fast just with revenue to sustain the company. No matter what, we are at it hard to make this company what it can be – literally a component of every connected machine on the planet.

We invite you to invest in AtomBeam and become a part of the fourth industrial revolution. Join us, and be a part of one of the biggest innovations in computing, ever.

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