Our founder and CEO, Charles Yeomans, shares the progress made over the last month on all fronts, including some key highlights we’d like to share, and what we’ve been working on. We are making progress on the sales front and have plenty to be excited about on the horizon. 

AtomBeam’s Rebranding is in Progress

AtomBeam is currently working on a rebranding, which includes a new website, new logo and a whole new look. There will be an additional update around this very soon, so be sure to stay up to date with all campaign announcements.

We’re Working Towards Engineering and Sales Goals

Our three biggest pushes this month are in sales, engineering, and our work with the U.S. government. These are the areas where we devote our precious resources of our funding and the spectacular personnel at the company. In the tech startup environment, making every resource count and work together smoothly is the most critical task we have. Every month we get stronger, and our people get better.

The biggest emphasis on the use of resources for AtomBeam is, appropriately, improving our product. We have a massive backlog of features we want to develop, but the key for us is to focus on customer needs, and emphasize building first what customers want us to have in place to close sales. In most cases these are not heavy lifts, but instead are projects that may take a developer a week, including QA. Connecting engineering to the market is always a challenge but our guys are up to it.

The biggest project underway is the development of the Dynamic Codebook, which autonomously builds and deploys codebooks without human intervention. This feature is highly sought after and requested by potential customers. We are on track for its release later this year. It is a challenging piece of software, but already prototyped and working in the lab.

Sales: End Users and Channel Partners

We have a lot of sales activity that I am optimistic will start to bear fruit soon, potentially in September. Many of these are standalone companies that will use our solution to enhance their own networks, which we call end users. The other category is channel partners, which we think of in terms of a company that integrates our code into their offering and then resells our software as a service for them. For those opportunities we would get a share of the revenue that they bill their customers.

We have several revenue options and one we will target is corporate channel partners. 

For example, if we work with leading cloud providers and AtomBeam is incorporated in their servers, these providers can use their influence to get device makers to incorporate AtomBeam into their devices (sensors, cars, winds, etc.), and  then charge users for the AtomBeam service. Users would receive a huge discount on their data transmission, and also receive the added security of AtomBeam’s technology. 

AtomBeam would share in the revenue with whichever the cloud provider, and with their marketing power behind us, we would capture the industry by storm. 

If a cloud provider were the only competitor providing AtomBeam’s data transmission technology, they would have a huge leg up on their competition!

We are currently in discussions with multiple cloud service providers. They get it – we represent a potential major competitive advantage and a new source of revenue.

We’re Making Headway, Thanks For Your Support! 

We’re feeling incredible about where we are, and we cannot thank you enough for your support throughout the course of our campaign. There will be plenty of announcements in the coming weeks, and more updates will be shared in the fall. 

To learn more about AtomBeam’s investment opportunity, visit our StartEngine page today. You can become an investor for just $500.