Q: How long will this $1MM investment last you before you need to raise more capital? I realize that if you’re able to sign revenue-generating customers, it changes the timeline. Thanks for the transparency.

A: Good question. We are planning to have the $1MM last for a year. I have a lot of experience in keeping costs in line, delaying big outlays, and generally keeping companies alive in difficult circumstances. We think we will be in the market for a bigger round before then (we are still very much on the radar with venture capitals; I talked to at least two that reached out to me), but it is critical to have money in the bank when you are looking for capital. Otherwise you get squeezed. So, I plan to get into the market for capital well before we need it, likely this summer or early fall, hopefully with some big-name customers. In any case, while of course there are no guarantees, the plan is to make it last for a year.

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