AtomBeam is a sea change in the way data can be transmitted and stored for the age of the internet of things (IoT). We’ve pioneered a unique, ultra-efficient software technology that shrinks, secures, and speeds data transmission.

AtomBeam is powerful, low-risk, and low-cost. With seven issued and five pending patents, our proprietary technology is the only way, software or hardware, to significantly reduce the size of individual IoT files. With built-in ultralightweight security and other key benefits, AtomBeam offers a unique value proposition for IoT, estimated by IDC to be the source of 75% of all data generated by enterprise in 2025. 

We’re on the forefront of technology that could be one of the most important innovations in data transmission. Through our raise on StartEngine, investors can own shares in our complete, proven, demonstrable product, with present traction with numerous large enterprises across the world.

As an investor of AtomBeam, you will take part as a shareholder in world-leading technology and innovation while supporting our efforts for global expansion. 

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

We believe AtomBeam has the potential to become the universal standard in IoT data transmission. Our technology has the ability to increase the existing capacity of networks by a factor of four times on average. To do this with hardware would cost many times more, requiring such actions as launching satellites and upgrading cellular networks. 

We are on the ground floor of a potential revolution in machine communication, and through support from investors on StartEngine, have been able to scale our product for significant impact in the market.

Regulation Crowdfunding allows both accredited and non-accredited investors to invest in startups and early stage companies they are passionate about. In the past, venture capitalists had a monopoly on investment opportunities in early stage companies. Once the JOBS Act passed, this all changed. 

New regulations surrounding Title III of the JOBS Act have enabled companies to raise up to $5 million annually, as opposed to the previous maximum amount of $1.07 million. 

Additional Reg CF Updates:

  • Companies must be SEC registered
  • Companies can raise a maximum amount of $5 million in a 12 month period
  • Companies have the ability to run a Test The Waters (TTW) campaign
  • Non-accredited and accredited investors can invest

AtomBeam is the first technology with the capability to reduce individual IoT data files by 75% or more. No other technology synthesizes and compacts data as efficiently and securely.

Our goal through our raise on StartEngine is to further develop our technology, build out AtomBeam’s marketing, sales and corporate infrastructure, and by so doing generate return on investment for customers and investors. 

Our Goals On StartEngine

AtomBeam has the potential to reimagine the way data is currently transmitted. By 2025, McKinsey estimates that the potential impact of IoT to be up to $11 trillion. Our technology has several large companies testing our key features, positioning AtomBeam to capture a multi-trillion dollar market opportunity. 

The AtomBeam product works seamlessly and has completed satellite data transmission testing on five petroleum tankers, smart factory data, wearables, acoustic data, connected car data, smart manufacturing, and much more. If a machine generates data, AtomBeam likely offers a strong value proposition.

AtomBeam is working to convert the prospective customers who are testing or who intend to test AtomBeam’s technology to customers that generate recurring licensing revenue. The level of interest and work to explore integration of our technology is very high and work is intensive and ongoing. 

Through StartEngine, we plan to scale development of our proprietary technology and further expand opportunities for investors to own shares in the fourth industrial revolution!

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AtomBeam technology can improve all devices, including cell phones, laptops, sensors, manufacturing machines, automobiles and trucks, aircraft, UAVs, data centers, and much more.

Through our equity crowdfunding campaign, you can now take part in AtomBeam as an investor and join us in this revolution. Join the movement toward the fourth industrial revolution at our StartEngine page today for just $500!