Q: Which verticals are you initially targeting to ramp up revenue and why? What is your go-to-market strategy for these verticals? I ask because I’ve invested in other companies with cool/novel technologies that failed because they did not initially focus on a single use case that solved a big problem. They spread themselves too thin and expected potential customers to figure out how their tech can be used to solve for their specific pain points. How can you ensure this does not happen to AtomBeam?

A: The short answer to that question is telematics, which is the technology of sending, receiving, and storing information using telecommunication devices. Telematics is used in connected cars, trucks, and other things that generally move around. The reasons we are concentrating on that area are simple: (a) we have many potential prospects and connections to potential prospects, (b) every time we get in front of the right people at a company that builds or uses telematics, they get excited about what we can do for them, (c) it is data that we are very consistently able to dramatically compact, and finally (d) the cost savings are clear and measurable.

That said, our technology is ultra-flexible with no need for major alternations. So, when a big company comes to us asking to test it for smart manufacturing, we agree to provide the opportunity, so long as there is little or no distraction for our engineering staff. For purposes of engineering, marketing and sales efforts, however, we are focused on telematics for now as our initial entry point into the market. That will only change if some big company fully funds a separate effort to explore an area that requires software development outside of our current plan or if we get big enough and have the support to allow us to widen our focus. Telematics is a big area, our value add is clear, the reception we have received from the industry is consistently strong, and we think we will have a high-profile foothold in the industry soon, building credibility.

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