Q: Is AtomBeam forming partnerships with cloud providers like AWS, Azure, SAP Cloud Platform, etc. who provide the IoT PaaS infrastructure?

A: We definitely want to partner with these providers, especially AWS and Azure. Our concept is to work with them to have AtomBeam-equipped servers available to their customers, who would then send their AtomBeam Codewords to the cloud. AWS/Azure would not need to compress or de-duplicate the data; it is already compacted when it arrives, and unlike compressed/de-duped data, it is searchable in compacted form. We have spoken to AWS in the past—we were not ready then, but they nevertheless urged us to become a technology partner. With our selection for participation in Stanford’s StartX program, however, AWS will be talking to us as a sponsoring organization of StartX in the near future. Long term, I could see cloud providers being a perfect set of partners; they could provision their servers with our technology, push out new Codebooks as needed, and eventually perhaps even fully provision devices with AtomBeam technology when they are attached to the cloud, making AtomBeam a potentially near-universal technology.

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