Q: Are you licensing the technology to the IoT sensor manufactures to embed in their products? Is there a corresponding component that sits in the IoT hub?

A: We will likely license to the manufacturers of sensors eventually, but we have the best reception now with systems integrators, such as a company that makes telematics systems for cars, or another that architects solutions for smart buildings. While these prospects in many cases make their own sensors or other IoT devices, the key individual for us to know at present is not the maker of the sensor but the person who is assembling the entire deployment. That brings me to the second question. Yes, we need to be resident on both the device and wherever the data is sent. So if, say, a sensor is sending data to a datacenter, the datacenter needs to have AtomBeam software and a copy of the same Codebooks the sensor is using to make sense of the data it receives. It is also possible to have sensors sending unencoded (or AtomBeam encoded) data to a “gateway” that aggregates data coming from a bunch of sources and then sends it on over a network to the final destination, such as a datacenter. Everywhere on this chain that encodes/sends or decodes/receives AtomBeam-encoded data needs to have AtomBeam software and a copy of the unique Codebook. That being said, a potential topology is to have many sensors sending their non-AtomBeam encoded data to a gateway, which in turn encodes the aggregated data in AtomBeam Codewords and sends it on to an AtomBeam-equipped datacenter server.

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