Q: Beyond the CEO/CTO, everyone else listed appear to be only associated in limited capacity. How large is the AtomBeam team?

A: We do have a pretty fluid structure because we simply do not have the financial capability yet to bring on everyone full time. But, we plan to ramp it up when we close this and again when we get the first round done. Full-timers (even if they work for mostly/all equity) include the following: our VP of engineering, our VP of business development, a senior software developer, a mathematician/software developer, and the CEO and CTO. We also have four full-time senior software developers who work on the “front-end” in Bolivia who are supervised by the VP of engineering. Part-timers include the chief scientist, the chief revenue officer, a controller, a math PhD candidate, several student interns, and a few others who help with specialized tasks, like technical writing and software release program design. So it is a lot of folks, but still not enough. We just need to get the capital to bring it together in a more conventional way. Still, everyone keeps up their enthusiasm and dedication, despite difficult conditions such as having very little in the way of resources. The response to our crowdfunding offering has everyone excited, too. It’s always cool when people understand that your project is a big deal.

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