Q: Is this UFO technology? Yes, I went there, but I am serious.

A: Now that is a unique question! It does seem pretty exotic. As Arthur C. Clark said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Seriously, though, it was conceived and architected right here in the US by my co-founder, Asghar Riahi, with help from his amazing family, and by Prof. Josh Cooper, a distinguished mathematician at the University of South Carolina. Innovation comes when you can look at a problem in a fundamentally new way. When you consider all of the effort (Google, Facebook, and the many other formidable brains that have thought about data compression since it’s invention in 1977) that has been applied to reducing the size of data, that a new company could come up with and patent this is a pretty cool thing. As for your question, the very first data that was transferred over the very first prototype code was an image of the starship Enterprise. So, while it did not come from a UFO, a UFO was the first to use it.

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