Q: What Is AtomBeam’s Weissman Score? In particular, middle-out compression has score of 5.2.

A: Well, I did not know that the Weissman score was fictional until I got into this. The Weissman Score metric is being used a bit in real life, though. But it is less relevant to us, since what we are about is reducing the size of small data files rather than competing with ultra-optimized compression algorithms for absolute reduction ratio (we generally are comparable to efficient compression algorithms for larger files). The speed of our software, however, would likely yield a very good score. Though, frankly, no customer has ever asked us to test to find out what we would get, so we have not tried it. Plus, there are benchmarking questions on what to use for comparison; it is a real equation but not generally used. If our development guys could spare the time, it would be interesting to find out. But it is not something that customers care about, and I am loath to divert time from working on key initiatives for development and customer requests to do anything else.

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