Q: What will make your technology stand the test of time? In other words, could we see an entirely novel technology that completely changes the field of data storage and transmission so that your solution is no longer relevant?

A: That is hard to answer. I will tell you that much thought and money has gone into optimizing compression technologies since they were first popularized in the 1970s, and they are über efficient now. Facebook has contributed zstandard, Google has Brotli, and zlib (built into Linux, a very popular open source operating system) is highly sophisticated and efficient. But none has ever done anything like AtomBeam, and the innovation is so fundamental that I (and much better-informed people than me) have not come up with anything up to now. We attended a compression conference at Stanford, which is THE compression conference, and the many CS professors there were pretty impressed with our technology and stated it to be a true innovation. So, while I cannot give you any assurance that no one will come up with something else that is as innovative and effective, I am pretty confident that no one has as of yet, and from a technical point of view it is hard to see how it could be done without infringing on our patents. An interesting data point, also: our first patent was allowed in eight months, and the rest also came very rapidly, which is pretty speedy.

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