Q: Can you give a layperson description or perhaps an analogy as to what your patents protect? I can’t even pretend to understand this technology, so reading a patent will not help me, but I’d love to try to understand your moat better?

A: On your technology question, I will endeavor to answer as well as I can, but if it is unclear please ask a follow-up. Here is an analogy that I think about that helps. I have a pile of Lego blocks, and you have the same pile in another location. I build a fancy space station with my blocks and write down what I did, and send you the instructions. You already have the blocks, so all you need to do is follow the instructions exactly and you will rebuild the same exact space station in your location. I never sent you any blocks, just the instructions. Compression always sends a version of the original data, vs. just instructions on how to rebuild it – it sends the blocks, but squashed together. That is the fundamental difference between our technology and every legacy technology, and how our approach is fundamentally different. We never send the original data in any form, only instructions on how to rebuild it on the other end.

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