Q: AtomBeam seems to have made great stride in R&D; however, is there any concern about the larger competitors with larger budgets being about to push ahead on development?

A: On concerns about big companies moving ahead of us: that is always a concern. That is why we are so focused on building a strong patent portfolio, all in the same patent “family”. The more patents we file, the more difficult it is for someone to avoid infringement. Not that it could not happen, but they would be on dangerous ground to try it, since even if we do not have the dollars to fight them, a potential acquirer would, and that makes basing a key part of your system on a stolen technology a risky proposition. And before too long, I hope to have the wherewithal to fight for our IP rights. In any case, it is not the usual thing for big companies to steal technology; it is more economical for them to license it or buy the company. And, while it is certainly possible for someone to come up with a competing technology that works as well, our Chief Scientist, who is a professor of mathematics and extremely knowledgeable about research in this area, knows of nothing that can do what AtomBeam can do, and we have not encountered anything in the field in selling the product. Not even Pied Piper. 😉

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