Q: So, if I have this right, AtomBeam is a software solution, correct? Can it be added to existing hardware/infrastructure or is there a need for new assets in order to take advantage of it?

A: Exactly. Our product is software-only and is installable on existing and new devices. The code is very small; the encoder is only about 2kB, and the computing power required is slight. Consequently, it will fit on virtually anything, even very cheap sensors. AtomBeam software fits between the “processing layer,” that is, the place where the data comes from, to the “communications layer,” which transmits the data to where it goes. As examples of the wide range of potential applications, we have an inquiry now from a $100B Korean electronics company that wants to explore potential use in wearables, and from a major pharmaceutical manufacturer that wants to use AtomBeam for genomic data. For virtually any application, however, the fundamentals of the AtomBeam technology remain the same — it is all just bits to us.

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