Q: Could you explain AtomBeam’s preferred exit strategy and timeframe? If it were IPO, what would your recurring revenue be and timeframe? If it were acquisition, same question, and who would be likely/potential/speculative acquirers?

A: On an IPO, it is pretty hard to tell when that might be, but my guess is that we would need to hit something approaching $100mm in revenue to attract a major underwriter, although if we grow fast enough we could go sooner than that if that path were chosen. On the other hand, a reverse merger into a public shell could be a way to get liquidity to shareholders sooner, but we need to be sure of having a sufficient valuation to attract analysts to follow us. The acquisition question is simpler; we could very well get offers from any number of companies, including the hyperscalers, big electronics manufacturers, and a variety of other potential buyers, any company seeking to get a significant competitive edge over their competition. I would personally bet we see offers sooner rather than later, given the strong level of interest in the technology by very big companies, and I have already had some hints. I cannot give you a solid timeframe but I think the kinds of prospective customers we have now speaks for itself.

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