Q: Can AtomBeam be used in regular day-to-day computing applications, or does it only work with small-data-unit IoT applications?

A: Good question. We have some very big advantages over legacy data-reduction algorithms, the most important of which are speed of encode/decode and search-ability/random-access of encoded files. The fastest our technology can go is 400x the speed of compression, which is a boon for users wishing to move data around quickly—which is a lot of users. Even more important is being able to search and randomly access files. It has been stated that the most important subject in lossless compression research is the quest to search compressed files. We were approached by a major pharmaceutical company recently who wanted to know if we could reduce genomic data, and so we tried it. We were able to match the performance of the very best, most specialized genomic compression algorithms, AND our data is searchable, which is impossible with any compression. We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg in what this technology can do; not only with genomics, but many, many other uses can be envisaged, including many of the mundane applications for which compression is now utilized.

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