Q: Is AtomBeam in a confident situation with its technology and patent to lead the technology as IoT becomes norm or will you consider an exit strategy as there could be competitors around?

A: We feel very good about our patent position. We have seven issued and three pending patents, one of which is a provisional. We are about to file an additional utility patent and a massive provisional that we plan to split into several patents as we develop the ideas in it further. The patents are all members of a single patent family. We have had some of our patents and the general approach reviewed by a large firm who gave us accolades for our approach. It would be very challenging for someone to not infringe on our ideas if they tried to build a similar technology. On the acquirer question, I will answer it broadly; we have already had a couple of expressions of interest from very large companies. While I would not characterize them as at all formal, I think there is a possibility that a large acquirer could emerge, since this technology would provide a large market participant a significant advantage over their competition.

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