Q: Your existing technology is 4x faster… how much will this improve over the next five years and how much investment will be needed to achieve it (if possible)?

A: I do not know exactly how much faster we are at the moment than compression, because we are constantly improving it, but our guys are confident that we will reach, or at least come close to, the theoretical limit of 400x the speed of the fastest compression. There is really no comparison. Compression needs to do its heavy lifting when it tackles a file, making multiple passes over it, finding repetitions of patterns, putting placeholders in the repetitions, and adding a header. And it does the exact same thing to the first file that it does to the millionth file, even if they are exactly the same. Our software, in contrast, whacks up the file as it is generated into prespecified pattern lengths (such as 64-bits or 128-bits), and does a “lookup”, which is a superfast/light computing function that pulls the Codeword associated with that pattern. And that’s all, which is why we are confident that we will hit the 400x speed limit. It is hard to overstate how revolutionary this technology is; one day it could be in most phones and computers, in data centers, refrigerators, cars, factories—it could be the medium in which most machines communicate. Some of these big prospects see this and it would not surprise me if they convert to customers this quarter, and I would also not be surprised to get an offer to buy the company in the next few years.

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