MORAGA, CA, Oct. 17, 2019 – AtomBeam® Technologies, officially announces its data compaction software that enables intelligent IoT networking by reducing data transmission by 75%, while adding virtually no latency. AtomBeam Technologies will be unveiling its patented technology at the upcoming Oct. 22nd – 24th Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Los Angeles.

AtomBeam’s revolutionary data compaction solution is the first to reduce the amount of IoT data transmitted by 70-80%, effectively expanding existing bandwidth by 3-5x. AtomBeam’s proprietary AI/machine learning results in radical efficiencies and overall savings of 30-70% in hardware, network and cloud costs. Proven benefits of AtomBeam include:
  • Companies experiencing up to 75% data reduction in their cloud costs from solution providers
  • Satellite companies and their users having up to 5x more bandwidth at lower latency
  • Cellular and NB-IoT (LPWAN) service providers having a 2x increase in their transmission ranges with increased security
  • Capability for both solution providers and companies to increase the size of their IoT data transmitted at no increased costs with reduced latency
  • 25% reduction in battery life usage, enabling a similar OPEX savings for companies to maintain their field sensors
  • Companies gain an additional, built-in security layer
AtomBeam’s patented, AI based IoT data compaction improves IoT data efficiency, reducing network bandwidth and storage usage by up to 75%, while using less computing power than compression. “AtomBeam is at the intersection of four powerful technology trends,” comments James Brehm, Founder & CEO of James Brehm and Associates, a leading consulting and market intelligence company. “It is leveraging AI-ML to manage the Big Data that 5G and IoT companies will be forced to deal with as thousands of IoT devices, gateways and sensors contribute data. Much of the data generated in IoT is repetitive. AtomBeam’s technology compacts duplicative and oftentimes extraneous information, reducing network load and providing virtual network capacity gains of an additional 75% or more. This company is going to play a vital role in the movement of IoT data.” According to McKinsey, 127 new devices connect to the Internet every second. Statista reports that 75 billion devices are expected to be connected by 2025. IoT companies will need the capability of real time data transmission combined with added security to assure their networks can safely manage the tsunami of data projected from IoT devices. “In the new IoT data-driven world, speed and security will become pre-requisites for successful deployment,” states Charles Yeomans, CEO of AtomBeam Technologies. “With a fast, light code, AtomBeam can be embedded in virtually any network, data center server or connected IoT device. AtomBeam’s mission is to become the go-to solution in machine data transmission.” IoT networking leaders like AWS, Arm and Cisco will be present at MWC with solutions that provide IoT connectivity from the edge to the cloud. The conference will address how mission critical IoT applications will require low latency and integrated security, as well as high speed, to support the ever-increasing bandwidth needs of thousands of IoT devices. Industry sectors that serve to benefit the most from the use of AtomBeam are telcos, satellites, robotics and LPWAN networks. Connected cars and autonomous vehicles with Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology are a priority for major automotive companies worldwide. AtomBeam provides the needed bandwidth with minimal added latency and security at the edge. Companies may contact the sales team for a demonstration of how AtomBeam can compact the data for your company and deliver radical efficiencies and lower costs. About AtomBeam Technologies AtomBeam Technologies is a data compaction software company with a mission to become a universal standard for transmitting machine-generated data. AtomBeam’s 21st-century data compaction reduces IoT data by 70%–80%. Leveraging AI/machine learning and encoding processes, the technology delivers the benefits of significantly compacted data, reduction in bandwidth, minimal latency, faster data transfer, reduced storage cost, and extended battery life. The software also provides a built-in security layer. AtomBeam Technologies licenses its software to manufacturers of IoT devices and gateways, edge and data center servers and cloud storage systems as well as to networks such as satellites, LPWANs, and telcos. AtomBeam has been operating since 2017 and is a private company based in Moraga, California and companies may contact the sales team for a demonstration. Charles Yeomans, CEO of AtomBeam, has over 30 years of experience in executive management, technology, investment banking, private equity investment and M&A. He has served as CEO and a COO of organizations ranging from technology to finance, including Trigemina, Portal Group Holdings and Frenkel & Co. He was EVP at Ultralink and an investment banker with Drexel Burnham Lambert. Charles holds an MBA from Stanford, an AB from Kenyon College and was also an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy. For more information, visit Media contact: Ann Taylor IoT Marketing 512-970-4067