Wearable technology is no longer a novelty or something from a science fiction novel. These devices worn by humans (and pets) help provide safety and comfort for patients and people with disabilities. Wearables generate an enormous amount of IoT data, which is why business leaders should consider AtomBeam® software which helps cut transmission costs by decreasing data volume and speeding up data transmission. Through the use of AtomBeam’s compaction technology transmission costs are cut by up to 50 percent.

Health Monitoring Devices

Imagine how exchanging data, such as immediate medical information, in real-time will create safer conditions for patients—it’s on the horizon. Not only can wearables remind patients when to take their medicine, but they also can do more sophisticated tasks such as monitoring a baby’s movement inside the mother’s body. Wearables can save lives because these devices can track heart conditions and other bodily functions which can then alert medical professionals of emergency situations.

Applications of Wearables

While wearable technology has proven to be precious in the health care industry, it is also becoming useful across several other fields. An employee, for example, can wear a personal alarm button on their wrist. Wearables also can detect brainwaves and wake up workers if they fall asleep while working with heavy-duty equipment. In many profound ways, wearables will improve the lifestyles and comfort levels of disabled individuals through vibrations that communicate important messages.

Another significant use of wearables is that they can track a worker’s location and job performance. Supervisors can observe productivity so they can make instant decisions if an employee needs some redirection. The technology helps managers streamline operations at a much faster pace than in the past.

What AtomBeam Can Do

AtomBeam is a state-of-the-art companion to wearables since it minimizes the transfer time (latency) of short, data bursts, such as health monitoring information while maintaining 100 percent data accuracy. AtomBeam® reduces the amount of data being transmitted up to 70 percent by using data compaction. AtomBeam works by using its AI/machine learning module to identify patterns called “Sourceblocks” (the Lego bricks of data) in advance. A Codebook—like a bucket of Lego bricks—stores Sourceblocks and their associated, smaller indexes, or Codewords. Sending and receiving computers, IoT endpoints and data centers also store the Codebook. AtomBeam transmits only Codewords which significantly reduces the data flow. The receiving computer can store the compacted data stream or rebuild the original data stream using the Codebook.


AtomBeam software works with wearable technology to create a futuristic experience in the present. It is helping managers, workers and consumers advance in ways never dreamed of before. Contact us now at AtomBeam Technologies to learn more about how our revolutionary software will help your business cut costs and transmit data faster.