Large data sets are proving vital for the next generation of marketing, business solutions and business forecasting. Businesses can take advantage of edge computing technology without being burned by the cost of data storage and transmission using AtomBeam® software.

Applications of Edge Computing

There are various applications of edge computing technology for industrial, commercial and residential products. In the retail sector, augmented reality, virtual reality and the Internet of Things (IoT) all are improving the shopping experience through more personalization. This is only possible with the right IT system and data capabilities. On the factory floor, operators can stay connected to plant systems to prevent site outages through edge computing. Medical personnel can have devices monitoring heart rates so they have access to reliable, life-saving information.

AtomBeam Is the Solution to Edge Computing Challenges

The costs of data storage and transmission can limit profitability. AtomBeam software reduces data volume up to 70 percent and improves speed on the edge through the use of its patented compaction software. The software works by using AI/machine learning to identify patterns called “Sourceblocks” (the Lego bricks of data) in advance. A Codebook—like a bucket of Lego bricks—stores Sourceblocks and their associated, smaller indexes, or Codewords. Sending and receiving computers, IoT endpoints and data centers also store the Codebook. AtomBeam transmits only Codewords which significantly reduces the data flow. The receiving computer can store the compacted data stream or rebuild the original data stream using the Codebook.


AtomBeam can help your business expand into edge computing technology while ensuring a reliable way to store and transmit data. Contact us now at AtomBeam Technologies to process data quickly, reliably and securely.