More and more companies are adopting and developing IoT technology to enhance connectivity and analytics. One of the biggest issues of IoT technology is the explosion of data, which threatens to clog or slow down enterprise networks. AtomBeam® is a leader in solving this issue, as its software speeds up data transmission without the need to expand bandwidth.

About AtomBeam Software

AtomBeam software transmits less data using compaction, thereby reducing network bottlenecks and allowing faster delivery. The driving force behind AtomBeam is its Atomizer AI Engine. By separating the thinking and learning processes, Sourceblocks identify data patterns and transmit Codewords, rather than all the data. Codebooks store both the Sourceblocks and Codewords and are used to translate the data into its original form.

How AtomBeam Is Used

A wide range of industries can use AtomBeam to save money on cloud and data center storage. The technology is helpful for managing data in any IoT environment, such as smart homes, smart cars and smart cities. Using AtomBeam software, the medical industry has reduced latency and improved communication between doctors and patients through wearables. Satellite and wireless networks have become more reliable with this software, as have manufacturing processes.


Instead of struggling with the latency and bottleneck problems created by IoT technology, AtomBeam® software can deliver data faster while reducing costs. Contact us now at AtomBeam Technologies to learn more about speeding up data transmission.