Business leaders who deal with data center storage are well aware they need greater storage efficiency as the Internet of Things (IoT) generates more data than ever. Although computing keeps getting more powerful and memory is getting cheaper, the growth of big data threatens to slow down business while driving up storage costs.

How AtomBeam Advances Business

AtomBeam® is the ideal solution for data center storage and archive reduction. AtomBeam software provides greater storage efficiency than current methods such as compression. It speeds up data transmission by shrinking data up to 70 percent using its proprietary technology.

AtomBeam reduces the number of individual bits needed to store data which saves money on storage costs. Because of the massive amount of IoT data generated, storage systems are filling up quickly, and it’s imperative that data storage become more efficient.

AtomBeam can reduce cloud costs from 25 to 75 percent. It cuts transmission costs by 30 to 50 percent. This proprietary technology allows transmission of more information without expanding bandwidth.


In the coming years, every business dealing with IoT or data storage will need to rethink its data center storage strategies. The solution to more efficient storage and accommodate increasing data is already here. Contact us now at AtomBeam Technologies to learn more about saving money and space on data storage.