The high level of growth of asset management requires the ability to make the data collection process as efficient as possible without sacrificing security or quality. Moving beyond conventional data transmission methods and using AI-based AtomBeam® software satisfies those needs.

The driving force behind AtomBeam is its Atomizer AI Engine. By separating the thinking and learning processes, the system allows for custom coding and much faster transmission. It matches sample data represented by Codewords with more comprehensive information in its “Sourceblocks”. This information is stored in Codebooks sent to each IoT device, as well as gateways, edge servers, and data centers.

Improving the Trucking Industry with IoT Technology

Using AtomBeam technology for asset tracking will positively impact company expenses and revenue by significantly increasing both the efficiency and security of in-flight and at rest data.

One of the ways in which IoT technology has improved the trucking industry is with better trailer tracking sensors, which lead to better asset utilization. It allows the back office to monitor trailer activity more closely so that trailers can be put to better use. A growing number of fleets are purchasing trailer trackers due to the success of early adopters. Trucking companies also are benefitting from cargo sensors such as freight cameras and other IoT device applications.

Data Reduction Concept

The main goal of AtomBeam is to reduce the amount of data transmitted between a sensor and the cloud, which leads to more efficient asset management. Instead of sending all of the data over physical long distances, the reduced data set saves time and space. It’s a revolutionary concept that is more reliable than data compression, which can diminish quality.

The more your operation can reduce the amount of data it transmits, the less issue you will have involving latency, bandwidth and storage costs. AtomBeam transmits data at least twice as quickly and up to 10 times faster than conventional data transmission methods.

AtomBeam is an ideal solution for companies that use multiple sensors that send data to the cloud. The software typically operates over wireless satellite networks and integrates well with cloud storage systems.


One of the best ways to enhance asset management is to use the fastest and most efficient method available for data transition. Contact us now at AtomBeam Technologies to find out how our software can help improve the quality of your data transmission.