Data size and security are two of the most profound issues businesses are dealing with today as far as technology is concerned. As the amount of data from remote sensors grows (thanks to IoT technology), you have to ask yourself: are you doing your best to transmit data as efficiently and securely as possible? Here are ways that AtomBeam® software provides data compaction that can improve your business:

Shrinking Data for Faster Delivery

There’s a big difference between data compaction and data compression. Data compaction reduces the amount of data transported by using Codewords. While data compression allows for loss of information, compaction is lossless, reducing the amount of data sent and thus needed bandwidth. Ultimately, compaction helps cut costs and eliminates unnecessary redundancy, making data transmission faster and more efficient.

The more data that can be collected and analyzed in less time, the faster business decisions and adjustments can be made to gain a competitive edge. AtomBeam technology compacts data with near zero latency, keeping your data moving as fast as it can. You should also ask yourself if your operation is collecting too much data. As IoT devices are storing data by the gigabyte almost every moment, it may be time to prioritize data so that you’re not collecting more than you need.

Toward a More Secure Environment

While this accelerating growth of data must be addressed, an even bigger issue is that all businesses must take proactive steps to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Proactive security is the key to avoiding a breach, which can happen to any company.

Antivirus software isn’t enough anymore as you need a much more sophisticated strategy to fight cybercrime. Multiple security layers are now necessary to safeguard against an attack. Some of these layers include encryption, 24/7 network monitoring, firewalls, virtualization and multi-factor authentication. AtomBeam technology provides yet another layer to your security stack with a nearly unbreakable approach to securing data in-flight as well as at rest.


With big data only getting larger all the time, your business should consider data compaction as a solution to cut down on excessive data transmission. Contact us at AtomBeam Technologies to learn more about how our software can help save space and cut costs for data storage.