How to Capitalize on Telemetry Technology

Transmission of data from and control/analysis of remote device data is the purpose of telemetry technology. It may be best understood as an automated solution for collecting and measuring data, as well as controlling devices by sending commands from a control server to a remote device. Here are some of the common applications in which this technology is used and how it improves business.

Telemetry Applications

Telemetry often serves as a bridge between computing devices and the internet, making it easier to produce smart solutions that unlock information and make them available on the internet. Some of the most common uses of telemetry technology include:

  • For homeowners, sending data to a service provider to control and monitor home energy or security.
  • For healthcare providers, transmitting health data to a medical facility and getting feedback regarding diagnoses or treatment based on an analysis of the data.
  • For consumers, making a credit card transaction as data is sent to the bank’s server which then matches the information with a specific account as well as using RFID tags to track retail inventory and sending this information to others in the supply chain.
  • For logistics companies, sending vending machines sales data to a central location so that drivers can be contacted to restock inventory.

AtomBeam Software

The combination of telemetry and data compaction, which is a way to reduce data size without compression by using Codewords, results in faster, more secure data transmission. Speed is a major competitive edge for big data as IoT becomes more the norm than a novelty, and security is the number one concern for people and companies worldwide. AtomBeam’s data compaction solution also helps cut storage costs by storing the compacted data versus the raw data. Thanks to sending less data over existing bandwidth, AtomBeam® lowers the instantaneous cost for data transmission while extending existing network capacity and lifetime. As companies increasingly move toward generating more data, they will need to take a serious look at AtomBeam for more affordable ways to deliver and store all that information.


Sending data from remote sensors to a central location for analysis and commands is the foundation of telemetry technology. One of the best ways to enhance the quality of data transmission is to reduce data size and speed up data delivery with AtomBeam software. Contact us at AtomBeam Technologies to learn more about creating more efficient solutions for big data.