Data plays a vital role in nearly all technology applications, including rising ones such as IoT, cloud computing, AI and machine learning. With so much data being produced, transported and stored, this calls for lots of resources, including bandwidth and storage capacity. There is a growing need for alternative methods to handle data, and one of the best solutions to this current challenge is found in data compaction. AtomBeam® software provides a more efficient and effective means to transmit and store data resulting in significant savings in bandwidth and storage needs.

Uses of AtomBeam Software

Smart cities are the way of the future, and there are many different applications for AtomBeam software in Smart cities. IoT technology enables smart cities to improve the way cities are run. With the use of IoT approaches comes lots of data being produced regularly by nodes and sensors placed throughout the city. For example, to improve the way city lights work, sensors are being added to connected city light poles. These sensor units serve a variety of functions and can include cameras to modernize the space and increase safety. There also are many smart city applications that deal with how wastewater is processed and handled at various points along its cycle including sensing flow rates, tank pressure and water levels. AtomBeam software is useful in reducing the volume of data that must be transmitted and ultimately stored. Using data compaction, less data needs to be moved and stored without loss, which is a definite advantage of data compaction when compared to other methods. Compared with compression algorithms that require significant computational capacity and incur noticeable transport delays, this method can reduce data storage by as much as 80 percent and operates with near zero latency. The benefits of AtomBeam software for reducing resource use by companies operating in different industries are numerous. This applies to bandwidth, storage space and power. The combined effect of all of these is significant cost reduction and better use of time and storage space.
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