Business Benefits of Data Compaction

An unprecedented amount of data is being generated every second by smart devices and new IoT applications. One of the most exciting of these applications is the smart vehicle. There are many ways that connected car technology has the potential to transform the world. Experts estimate that self-driving cars will use approximately 40 terabytes (TB) of data for every eight hours of driving. With this amount of data being generated, it is important to consider how it will be stored, used and secured. Systems such as AtomBeam® software can help players in the smart car space address some of these new challenges.

How Smart Cars are Changing the World

Although smart or connected cars vary in the amount of car autonomy they provide, they are changing how transportation and logistics industries work. These vehicles generally provide improved capabilities, better monitoring, sensor systems and are connected wirelessly.

Smarter cars are better for safety as they can do more without relying on a driver or operator. As delivery vehicles and robots, these smart vehicles can improve the way deliveries are made. Smart vehicles also are more efficient when it comes to fuel usage, maintenance monitoring and maneuvering on different terrains.

Data Management with the Connected Car

For all that, smart cars come with a lot more data being generated, monitored and acted upon compared with regular vehicles, and this data needs to be transmitted, processed and stored very rapidly. This large amount of data needs the right systems in place to make sure that important data isn’t lost. In addition, the security of the data in connected car technology is important for safety, legal and operational reasons.

AtomBeam software uses data compaction to significantly reduce the volume of data that needs to be transmitted and stored by 80 percent, as well as providing lossless encryption such that no data is lost. The benefits of AtomBeam’s approach include reduction in bandwidth, storage space, latency and power needed. Higher transmission speeds also can be achieved.

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