Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor business key controls can lead to improved efficiency and massive cost savings. Industrial IoT monitoring is used in manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and other areas of a plant or factory. The challenge is how to properly deal with all the data that is generated, transmitted and stored. AtomBeam® software provides a compelling solution for companies in many industries.

Use Cases of the AtomBeam Software in Industry

In Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications, companies typically deploy large numbers of sensors for a variety of different measurements associated with processes, environments and personnel. This data is transmitted from the sensors to gateways, and from there, the data is sent to the company network for processing and storage. Many sensors taking many measurements result in a lot of data. Not all this data is of immediate use, but all of it must be transmitted and stored until it is processed. Data needed immediately is processed immediately, whereas other data used in big data and analysis applications may need to be stored for a long time.

In addition to storing large amounts of data and often requiring significant communication bandwidth for data transmission, data security also is vital. Cyberattacks are a fact of life in nearly all industries, requiring companies to ensure that the data they are generating and storing is protected. New cybersecurity solutions must be considered that can protect data and prevent infiltration into the IIoT space.

AtomBeam software provides businesses with better data storage and data security options. Using data compaction, the software eliminates the need to store huge amounts of data or use high bandwidths to transmit this data. AtomBeam software compacts data by as much as 80 percent, which is an enormous reduction in the storage space required. In terms of security, the software also encrypts the data generated in your company. This can then be accessed using a decryption key, which reduces the risk of the data being compromised.

Industrial IoT helps optimize systems and processes, but with that comes some data storage and security concerns. AtomBeam Technologies provides businesses with solutions to address those issues. Contact us now for more information.