One of the most overlooked issues in the telecom industry is data compaction, which involves reduction of data, increasing effective bandwidth and reducing transmission time without losing information. Data compaction—a methodology to encode, transmit and store data— is what AtomBeam® does best.

The Rise of Big Data

Big data has become an absolute necessity to many companies that conduct in depth analyses of their own corporate infrastructure. This issue has caused firms to rethink bandwidth needs, but it has also opened the door to new technology to enhance newly constrained networks. One of the questions businesses trying to capitalize on big data must ask themselves is: what’s the most effective way to store this data? Instead of expanding bandwidth or increasing computational needs by and using data compression, which then requires decompression, an emerging solution is to simply compact the data. AtomBeam technology is an effective solution for compacting data and transmitting it easily and quickly by breaking it down into chunks. This approach is not the same as compression and will not require increasing computational capability or increasing existing network bandwidth.

How the Atomizer Reduces Data

An example of data compaction is what the Atomizer AI Engine does, which uses machine learning from sample data to identify source blocks, which are commonly 50-200 bits. Each source block, which is a long binary segment, corresponds with a shorter generated Codeword for mapping. This information enters a Codebook that is distributed to IoT devices and other connections that create an AtomBeam ecosystem. The Atomizer uses the Codewords to decode and recreate data on the fly and stores the information on the receiving device.

Connected Cars

One of the key applications of AtomBeam is that it allows cars to communicate with each other. The software interacts with Google Maps, auto manufacturers and smart city sites. This communication is sped up through the technology’s data reduction. Cloud storage becomes less of a factor when sensors and other IoT devices collect lots of data on the edges of a network.

Other IoT applications in which AtomBeam can accelerate activity include utility monitoring and manufacturing with robots. AtomBeam keeps working when errors occur over wireless and satellite networks. It can be used in hospitals for patients to monitor their health through wearable devices.

AtomBeam represents an alternative to compression for preserving storage space. Contact us at AtomBeam Technologies to learn more about data compaction and the future of data management.