Every day, businesses generate a lot of data. All of this data will need to be transported, stored and backed up. This means that company networks and storage systems must be able to carry large volumes of data. The best way to do this is to use data compaction. Data compaction is an alternative to data compression that allows a much lower volume of data to be stored or transported. AtomBeam® technology uses this alternative method to improve how data is handled and used in businesses purely in software without the need for additional hardware.

Using AtomBeam Software

There are many areas your business can use data compaction to improve business performance. Here are a few:
  • Edge computing technology often stores computer data closer to the location where it is generated or needed. This is challenging when there is a lot of data. But with AtomBeam software, only a fraction of the normal volume of data is used, which simplifies edge computing needs. With edge computing, data security is enhanced by having the data closer to where it is consumed, but the needs of data protection within the edge computing device become an important issue to address, generally with key features such as hardware roots of trust, encrypted local storage and trusted execution environments. With AtomBeam, the data is kept secure without the need for encrypted storage.
  • Bandwidth usage is reduced when AtomBeam software is used for your business edge computing. In normal IoT and cloud computing applications, a large amount of data must be transmitted over long distances to be stored or processed. This requires a lot of bandwidth and power. AtomBeam can reduce those bandwidth and power needs by up to 80%.
  • Bandwidth usage and costs are optimized when edge computing is used. Data transmitted for IoT applications is usually high in volume, but not all of it is valuable. With edge computing, data can be processed nearer the source before it is transmitted.
  • Network utilization is reduced, because of the reduction in transmitted data, which extends the life of existing networks.
  • The use of Codewords in memory enhances security and reduces storage space for data. Hence, it addresses needs in data storage, data back-up, and security.

Business Benefits of the Software

The applications of the AtomBeam software discussed above show some of the main business benefits of data compaction for edge computing. The software allows less data to be transmitted and stored which results in cost savings. No data is lost, but this alternative to data compression makes sure that data volumes are reduced in transmission and storage.

Using data compaction software in your business can cut your bandwidth costs and reduce your storage. AtomBeam Technologies has the software solutions you need. Get in touch with us for more details.