AtomBeam is a cutting-edge new AI driven data reduction technique to significantly decrease the volume of data (the number of individual bits needed to store data) required for storage and transmission.

Wait, isn’t that just compression?

No, AtomBeam uses a significantly different approach to typical algorithm-based compression techniques. Instead of using a mathematical approach to compress the data, we break the data down into ‘chunks’ (Called Sourceblocks) determined by our proprietary AtomIzer AI engine. These Sourceblocks are not sent directly, instead a shortened Codeword is sent that corresponds to that Sourceblock. And all of this information is housed in a Codebook. This results in faster, more efficient data transmission as the volume of data being transmitted is extremely low.

Downsides of compression

Compression has dominated the storage reduction world for decades but despite huge advancements the core technology remains the same: an algorithm looking for repeating patterns to simplify in a given block of data. Compression is good at taking very large files and compressing them down to a reasonable size. Where compression falls short however is when dealing with very small data packages, as these packages do not allow compression algorithms to operate efficiently due to the lack of data.

In the past this has not been a huge issue, as bandwidth has increased at a fast-enough rate that the advantage compression would give to these files would be negligible. But with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and internet-based sensor devices these small scale data transmissions are becoming more and more common, and a solution is required to reduce that data where compression cannot.


AtomBeam’s AI driven approach is uniquely suited to these small-scale data packages. In these applications AtomBeam eclipses compression in terms of latency and data reduction. In some cases, we estimate IoT devices will greatly extend battery life, and in other applications it allows devices to send more information at the same cost. AtomBeam’s technique allows for extremely efficient transmission of repetitive data, like that from internet connected sensors. Additionally, AtomBeam allows these sensors to send more data over low powered wide area networks (LPWANs) like SigFox and LoRa which have strict caps on transmission data volumes.